Why We Fight

Who would give a law to lovers? Love is unto itself a higher law.

I would just adore it if you would follow me on Instagram @nicholaswallen

Let me know when you do!

Anonymous asked: Thanks for the bridge babe


Anything for a fan. :-*

Anonymous asked: I'm not pretending to have a voice. You didn't steal anything of mine so it doesn't really affect me. All I'm saying is that it's rude to take things with like hundreds of thousands of notes from other people, not change anything, and repost it.


It’s hardly rude. The person that I found the photo on clearly took it from someone else.


There. I built you a bridge. Now get over it.

sodom-hussein asked: was looking through your tagged me and dang you're cute:)


Thanks. My boyfriend thinks so too

boyfromthestrangeland asked: I just love your blog!


Thanks bb

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